I Hate Lemonade

by Aryana Adkanian | Tuesday, August 8, 2017

by Aryana Adkanian
Tuesday, August 8, 2017

You know that saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?

Well, I hate lemonade.

I wouldn’t really call myself an overly pessimistic person. But when things go badly and life wants to play dodgeball with me but all life has for sporting equipment is lemons, so life throws a surplus of lemons at me repeatedly and, because I suck at dodgeball, I cannot do anything to hit life back – I don’t make lemonade. I just stand there, getting bruised by all the lemons hitting me, feeling defeated.

When my day (or week or month or year) is turning out to be less than ideal, I find it hard to see the good in anything. Either everything is good and dandy or everything sucks. There’s really no in between for me.

On Sunday, I was having an okay day – alright, a good day. I was going to the gym with my friend. I was about to start playing Led Zeppelin’s Mothership compilation album on the Spotify app on my phone, when suddenly my phone froze. So I was like, Uh, okay. Weird. This freezing thing is happening more often. So I tried to get my phone to unfreeze itself. (In other words, I pressed a bunch of buttons and probably made it worse.)

Then… the screen went blank. The phone shut off. So I was like, Uh, okay. Also weird. And proceeded to press the power button. Then the Google logo flashed on the screen (I have a Nexus 5x, a phone made by Google) and then the Android logo should have flashed on the screen. But it didn’t. The screen went blank again.

And that’s how my phone randomly died. Rest in peace, phone. December 2015 – August 2017.

And the thing is, I never seriously damaged it. I never dropped it. I always kept a screen protector and case on it – there probably isn’t even a scratch on the thing!

Apparently, according to Internet research, the Nexus 5x has a problem of randomly turning off and then never turning back on again. LG, the brand of the phone, was apparently issuing refunds a while ago, but since they are no longer officially selling/making the phone, I am not eligible for a refund.

So it’s currently Tuesday morning, and I’ve been without a phone since Sunday afternoon. I have, however, bought a new phone online and it is due to be delivered to my door at any second.

This situation could totally be worse. I understand that. Even though I know there are so many other more horrible things that could have happened to me on Sunday afternoon, I still only found myself able to focus on the negative aspects of the situation. I felt like I got slapped in the face (or, ya know, played dodgeball with life and got hit with a surplus of lemons). I could barely sleep Sunday night because I was so distressed. I took great care of that phone, I promise you. I never abused it or mistreated it. But it still died, for whatever reason, so that’s approximately $500 gone merely to use a phone for less than two years. That’s a lot of money for me.

But I understand that there’s nothing I can do about it. And at least I had some money in my savings available so I could afford to buy another phone.

Things could be worse, but I still wish they were better.

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